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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide - Learn Hidden Secrets From the Best Players of Mafia Wars

Mafia wars can be allot of fun especially as it gives you an opportunity to interact with your friends and family in a unique way. But the game can also be very frustrating if you want to level up, make money and grow your crew but your getting owned by your friends and your not making money fast enough. To get a head start and become a Pro in mafia wars what you need is Mafia Wars Strategy Guide that will teach you all the secret tips and tactics of mafia wars.

If you are constantly being attacked by other mobs or getting your money robbed and looted you soon become 'easy target' in other players minds. This is not the situation you want to be in and it can be quite demoralizing and some end up giving up on the game. With a mafia wars strategy guide you can avoid these pitfalls and learn all the advance techniques to make insane amounts of cash, grow you mob faster and end up dominating your friends - after a while they won't even want to play with you and strike fear in their eyes.

This doesn't mean you have to spend hours upon hours in front of your laptop or PC to achieve being a master of this game, what you will learn though with having a mafia wars strategies is to use your time more wisely and employ effective strategies and tactics that will be more profitable and help you level faster than the most advance players.

These guides are not written by noobs, they're written by Pro Mafia wars gamers who have day in day out made millions of cash and managed to build + 500 members to their crew in days but using secrets tactics they have developed while playing the game.

So instead of playing aimlessly and getting nowhere fast you can use the secrets contained in these guides and take your mafia wars gaming to the next level. You will learn how to amass loads of godfather points, be able to buy the best weapons, what jobs to make the most profit, and how to grow your mob , these strategies will help you become the player people want to avoid going up against lol!

So if you are sick and tired of getting owned by other players and become the butt end of jokes then you really need to invest in a strategy guide and learn how to become an expert.

To start your domination visit - Mafia Wars Strategy guide.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide - 100% Legal Mafia Wars Cheats!!

When you think about Mafia wars cheats the first thing you allude to is some sort of hack, exploit, or bot that will automate or trick the game is some way for you to get a unfair advantage. Many of these types of cheats are available online through various mafia wars fansites.

These sites contain cheats and codes that can help you gain a temporary edge over your mates but what players don't know is that Zynga the creators of Mafia wars is dedicated teams that everyday keep a watchful eye on any possible crack or exploit that can be used to undermine their game. Any sort of hack is quickly snuffed out and the hole if filled in.

So when you download or enter the codes for a mafia wars cheat you'll most likely find it doesn't work and then find out that your account has been banned for life due to you attempting to use one!


But do not despair!

There are what we call 100% legel cheats that won't cause your account to be terminated and they are secrets and strategies that only the "gurus" use to dominate their mafia war enemies.

Thes tactics and tricks contain information on how to:

1. Gather MORE Godfather points like never before and quickly become the most wealthiest boss amongst your mates or the entire server you are on!
2. Learn how to get REVENGE and dominate any rival crew or mob that might attack your gan or rob your cash!

3. The Secret to recruiting hundreds of members to your mob in hours!!

4. Proven Methods and Tactics from Guru mafia wars players - learn their secret tricks and tactics that have made them a success overnight! Complete every job in no time at all!!

So how do I get this information? What do I need to become a Mafia Wars Pro?

To be honest, avoid downloading cheats codes what you need is a mafia wars guide that has been written by a Pro Mafia wars gamer, these's players are considered to be 'gurus" and they have been using tatics and tips that only a select few know in the "inner circle".

With this tutorial you will uncover the secrets to OWNING all your mates in a matter of hours and becoming the most powerful boss amongst your friends and rivals.

If you are tired of being a wasted by your friends and getting owned by other dudes that you don't know and just want to take charge for once then you need a guide for mafia wars domination!

To get your copy head over to here - Mafia Wars Guide - Use 100% legal cheats!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mafia Wars guide - Mafia wars cheats codes

Mafia wars is a web based game created by Zynga and has managed to generate a user membership of over 5 million on various social networking sites like facebook, tagged, myspace and even on the iphone. The object of Mafia wars is to grow wealth and recruit as many people to your crew as possible, the biggest the crew and wealth the more stronger you can become and start dominating your opponents. However just like other popular online games lots of people playing this game search for mafia wars cheats codes to get that little edge over their buddies and make that cash faster than anyone else!

Most people see mafia war cheats as a quick fix to their constant frustration of trying to beat others and preventing them from being taken out by rival bosses. But what they don't realise is that the player that are accumlating vast amounts of cash and members to their respective crews are actually using strategies instead of mafia wars cheats codes.

All they do is apply these simple strategies everyday and it gives them fantastic results, they don't need some cheat to get them there quick and these strategies work all the time and not become obsolete.

Using cheats codes in any online network game is not advisable and can get your account banned from the owners of the game or you find that the cheat doesn't work anymore because the programmers have updated the game to block the cheats from exploiting the flaw.

Instead of putting your account in jeapordy try using a mafia wars guide that can teach you strategies that Pro's use to gather wealth and godfather points is super fast time!

With these mafia wars strategy guides you will learn to master techniques like :

1. Growing Your Crew Numbers

2. Strengtheing your Defense, Health etc..

3. Accumulate Vast Amounts of Wealth

4. Use Your GodFather Points Effectively

By downloading this guide you will learn all the tactics that the gurus use everyday to totally OWN the server and become a boss that everyone will fear!

To find out more about how to use effective mafia war strategies and tips instead of unreliable mafia wars cheats codes then visit - Mafia Wars Guide

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide - Get the Best Mafia Wars Strategy Guide!

One of the hottest web based games online is Mafia Wars, you can find this game on the most popular social network sites like facebook or myspace. Just like World of Warcraft, Mafia wars is enjoying great success and millions of social networkers are using this game to keep in regular contact with their friends and family members worldwide.

However, some take this game very seriously and its a good way to get 'one-up' on their mates.

But like you might have discovered on other games online you would have noticed certain opponents that no matter what you try to do they always seem to get the better of you!

You ask yourself?

Why do these guys always beat me? How did they get some many people to join their mob?

How did they build that much cash in such a short time?


Why do they have so many godfather points and I don't?

The thing is, they aren't specially breed super gamers that can out think any opponent in seconds!

All they do is follow specific strategies that are contained in a Mafia wars guide.

These guides contain tips and strategics that top mafia wars players use to grow their families into members of hundreds or even thousands within a matter of days and in some cases even HOURS!

The more people you have in your mob the more leverage you have to take over rival mobs and fend off attacks from enemies.

You will also learn how to gather loads of godfather points and find out how to use them effectively and not waste them on things that are not beneficial to growing or strengthening your family's position.

One crucial ingredient to success in Mafia wars in cashflow, the more money you have the better as you will be able to buy items and gifts for your members and also level through the more advanced jobs that come up.

Having a mafia wars guide will reveal what properties to buy and what things to invest in like Mafia Mike's bar to make fast cash.

There are so many other things you will learn on how to totally dominate Mafia Wars. Below is a summary of what you will be taught:

  • Amass large amounts of Godfather Points.
  • Annihilate all your friends family's and rival mobs.
  • Be able to recruit lots of members to your family in hours.
  • Make loads of cash without lifting a finger.
  • Complete any job or level in lighting speed.

If you are sick of getting your butt kicked in Mafia Wars then its highly recommended you download a Mafia Wars guide.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best Maifa Wars Guide - Become a Top Mafia Boss fast!

Mafia wars is the new breed of online webbased games that allow people to keep in contact through interactive gaming. Thousands of user from Facebook, Myspace, Freindster and Tagged play this game everyday and the popularity just continues to grow. The main objective of this game is to become a Top Mafia wars boss but to graduate to this you need the strategies to accomplish this - that's when a Mafia Wars guide come into play.

Just like any game if you want to start dominating you need to be using strategies that will build wealth like gold or cash. With large amounts of funds you can buy the neccessary items and weapons to start attacking other mobs or repelling any attacks from your enemies. With money or loot you can also take on more jobs and also upgrade your members with better weapons, buy more properties, and also build their energy this enabling them to complete more tasks for more payouts.

One of the main objectives to Mafia wars is growing your mob, the more members the better your chances are of surviving attacks and also overtaking rival mobs to gain more power. Most people find this task time consuming and employ scripts to do this tack for them but mot of these scripts don't work or are too expensive.

TO be honest you don't need to buy any software or script, all you need is strategies that if done correctly can automate the process for you. Mafia Wars guide(s) contain tips and techniques that only Top Mafia War gurus use to quickly grow their mob and start dominating in a matter of days.

You may find in alot of online games some opponents are impossible to stop, but its not because they are super human, it just that they are using proven tactics and strategies revealed by the best people that play the game.

If you want to get ahead of the pack and find out all the secrets that those Gurus are using then visit - Mafia Wars guide

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide - Dominate Facebook Mafia Wars!

If you are a facebook fan then no doubt you have heard about Mafia Wars. Web browser based games are the new craze in online gaming and mafia wars has not only taken facebook by storm but in addition has enjoyed greatness in tagged, myspace and friendster.

Just like world of warcraft in order to level up Mafia Wars you want experience which can be achieve by doing jobs and jobs. If you are new to the game this process can take ages to accomplish as there are heaps of things you need to complete in order to level higher. The good news is that Mafia war experts have written Mafia Wars guides that show all of the strategies and strategies the top Mafia war players are using today to detroy all that come against them.

Sure, there are tons of fan sites out there that claim to reveal all of the strategies and tips about how to dominate Mafia Wars. The majority of the information instructs you how to survive in the game without being wiped out by stronger mobs. But to learn the top secret systems that only the gurus know requires you to find a downloadable Mafia Wars guide. These guides are no ordinary tutorial but are written manuals that contain all of the methods, cheats, tips and heavily protected methods that nobody knows about, the secrets which will transform you into the most power mafia mobs on facebook.

once you have this coaching steer you will learn the way to gain Godfather points and how to employ them.

you'll also find out how to earn large quantities of cash to grow your mob and make them so robust that you can repel any attack and kill off all enemies in your trail.

you'll also discover all of the assorted recruiting strategies to grow your mob, the bigger your mob the stronger your position in the game.

learning these parts of the game is urgent if you would like to reign over Mafia Wars.

I advise that you read this guide, look at the methods and tips and then implement them after you start playing the game, I am sure you'll notice success extremely quickly .

If you want to take your game to the following level and dominate MA then visit here - Mafia Wars guide.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mafia War Guide - Use Mafia War Cheats & Strategies.

When I was young if I couldn't past a level or wanted to know where all the hidden levels and characters were without spending the time looking for it myself I'd get cheats from the forum or related fan sites.

The problem was it never made me any better and I never gained any advantage but just got sick of the game. This can be said about Mafia War Cheats where most are discovering that its better off learning long term strategies that can put them in a powerful position to dominate their peers and even the server!

In Mafia wars the objective is to grow your mob and wealth in order to make your gang powerful enough to destroy your rivals.

Some people use scripts to overcome this time consuming task of recruiting and automate it but these things are known to have problems and can in some situations not work at all. Instead of cheating with a script you can use some strategies that can build your mob quickly and also increase your wealth.

You are far better off using Mafia War strategies to advance and dominate the game. Don't get me wrong though Mafia War cheats are awesome and alot of them do work but when combined with some strategies that have being endorsed by the 'GURUS', it will make you so powerful that gamers will not be able to live co-exist!

To Learn Pro strategies and tips from the best visit - Mafia War Cheats

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mafia War Guide - How to Dominate Mafia Wars

Can a Mafia War guide really help your game or is another cheap strategy guide that provides useless old information that folk already know? The fact is there are guides out there that actually provide quality content and reveal the secret tips and systems that top Mafia wars gameplayers are using to get the edge over there competition. If you wish to know how they are handling to increase the dimensions of their mafia mobs or wasting their opponents quicker than you then you need to get a hold of a mafia war strategy guide that will unlock all the secrets never made public to the web community and related forums. To be the absolute best you have to learn from the best!

1. How Can A Mafia Wars Guide Help My abilities In Mafia Wars, How Will It Improve My Overall Game?

With the dominate Mafia War guide you will learn all the tricks that top Mafia guru's are using, with this powerful guide I'm to defeat the game more entirely and develop talents that I never had before. One of the large pluses of this tutorial is my mob leader abilities, now I'm able to induct new mob members faster than I did before. Now when other users try and attack me with their mobs I have sufficient backup to fend off attacks on my Mafia.

2. O.K, So how and where do I get My Hands On a Mafia War Strategy Guide?

you'll find this guide with a fast search on google, these are downloadable pdf files in book form. These books are constantly been revised and updated to keep you up to date with the most recent tips & techniques that top game-players are using around the planet. Since using the dominate Mafia Wars methodology guide my abilities and understanding of the game has taken my game to a different level.

3.What Does Dominate Mafia War Secrets Guide Have That Other Guides Don't on the Market?

I have read many strategies about this game and I'll say the methodology used by this online guide is much different from the free recommendation offered online . It answers every question and has the best systems about thrashing your enemies and growing your mafia.

I have read free online guide for Mafia wars and the little investment in this guide has absolutely tranformed and improved my gaming. The tips I have obtained from this manual has given me the talents and information to beat my opponents and best pals every time. Now they think I'm a guru!

To download this strategy manual visit here - Mafia War Guide