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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide - 100% Legal Mafia Wars Cheats!!

When you think about Mafia wars cheats the first thing you allude to is some sort of hack, exploit, or bot that will automate or trick the game is some way for you to get a unfair advantage. Many of these types of cheats are available online through various mafia wars fansites.

These sites contain cheats and codes that can help you gain a temporary edge over your mates but what players don't know is that Zynga the creators of Mafia wars is dedicated teams that everyday keep a watchful eye on any possible crack or exploit that can be used to undermine their game. Any sort of hack is quickly snuffed out and the hole if filled in.

So when you download or enter the codes for a mafia wars cheat you'll most likely find it doesn't work and then find out that your account has been banned for life due to you attempting to use one!


But do not despair!

There are what we call 100% legel cheats that won't cause your account to be terminated and they are secrets and strategies that only the "gurus" use to dominate their mafia war enemies.

Thes tactics and tricks contain information on how to:

1. Gather MORE Godfather points like never before and quickly become the most wealthiest boss amongst your mates or the entire server you are on!
2. Learn how to get REVENGE and dominate any rival crew or mob that might attack your gan or rob your cash!

3. The Secret to recruiting hundreds of members to your mob in hours!!

4. Proven Methods and Tactics from Guru mafia wars players - learn their secret tricks and tactics that have made them a success overnight! Complete every job in no time at all!!

So how do I get this information? What do I need to become a Mafia Wars Pro?

To be honest, avoid downloading cheats codes what you need is a mafia wars guide that has been written by a Pro Mafia wars gamer, these's players are considered to be 'gurus" and they have been using tatics and tips that only a select few know in the "inner circle".

With this tutorial you will uncover the secrets to OWNING all your mates in a matter of hours and becoming the most powerful boss amongst your friends and rivals.

If you are tired of being a wasted by your friends and getting owned by other dudes that you don't know and just want to take charge for once then you need a guide for mafia wars domination!

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