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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide - Dominate Facebook Mafia Wars!

If you are a facebook fan then no doubt you have heard about Mafia Wars. Web browser based games are the new craze in online gaming and mafia wars has not only taken facebook by storm but in addition has enjoyed greatness in tagged, myspace and friendster.

Just like world of warcraft in order to level up Mafia Wars you want experience which can be achieve by doing jobs and jobs. If you are new to the game this process can take ages to accomplish as there are heaps of things you need to complete in order to level higher. The good news is that Mafia war experts have written Mafia Wars guides that show all of the strategies and strategies the top Mafia war players are using today to detroy all that come against them.

Sure, there are tons of fan sites out there that claim to reveal all of the strategies and tips about how to dominate Mafia Wars. The majority of the information instructs you how to survive in the game without being wiped out by stronger mobs. But to learn the top secret systems that only the gurus know requires you to find a downloadable Mafia Wars guide. These guides are no ordinary tutorial but are written manuals that contain all of the methods, cheats, tips and heavily protected methods that nobody knows about, the secrets which will transform you into the most power mafia mobs on facebook.

once you have this coaching steer you will learn the way to gain Godfather points and how to employ them.

you'll also find out how to earn large quantities of cash to grow your mob and make them so robust that you can repel any attack and kill off all enemies in your trail.

you'll also discover all of the assorted recruiting strategies to grow your mob, the bigger your mob the stronger your position in the game.

learning these parts of the game is urgent if you would like to reign over Mafia Wars.

I advise that you read this guide, look at the methods and tips and then implement them after you start playing the game, I am sure you'll notice success extremely quickly .

If you want to take your game to the following level and dominate MA then visit here - Mafia Wars guide.

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