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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mafia War Guide - Use Mafia War Cheats & Strategies.

When I was young if I couldn't past a level or wanted to know where all the hidden levels and characters were without spending the time looking for it myself I'd get cheats from the forum or related fan sites.

The problem was it never made me any better and I never gained any advantage but just got sick of the game. This can be said about Mafia War Cheats where most are discovering that its better off learning long term strategies that can put them in a powerful position to dominate their peers and even the server!

In Mafia wars the objective is to grow your mob and wealth in order to make your gang powerful enough to destroy your rivals.

Some people use scripts to overcome this time consuming task of recruiting and automate it but these things are known to have problems and can in some situations not work at all. Instead of cheating with a script you can use some strategies that can build your mob quickly and also increase your wealth.

You are far better off using Mafia War strategies to advance and dominate the game. Don't get me wrong though Mafia War cheats are awesome and alot of them do work but when combined with some strategies that have being endorsed by the 'GURUS', it will make you so powerful that gamers will not be able to live co-exist!

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