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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide - Get the Best Mafia Wars Strategy Guide!

One of the hottest web based games online is Mafia Wars, you can find this game on the most popular social network sites like facebook or myspace. Just like World of Warcraft, Mafia wars is enjoying great success and millions of social networkers are using this game to keep in regular contact with their friends and family members worldwide.

However, some take this game very seriously and its a good way to get 'one-up' on their mates.

But like you might have discovered on other games online you would have noticed certain opponents that no matter what you try to do they always seem to get the better of you!

You ask yourself?

Why do these guys always beat me? How did they get some many people to join their mob?

How did they build that much cash in such a short time?


Why do they have so many godfather points and I don't?

The thing is, they aren't specially breed super gamers that can out think any opponent in seconds!

All they do is follow specific strategies that are contained in a Mafia wars guide.

These guides contain tips and strategics that top mafia wars players use to grow their families into members of hundreds or even thousands within a matter of days and in some cases even HOURS!

The more people you have in your mob the more leverage you have to take over rival mobs and fend off attacks from enemies.

You will also learn how to gather loads of godfather points and find out how to use them effectively and not waste them on things that are not beneficial to growing or strengthening your family's position.

One crucial ingredient to success in Mafia wars in cashflow, the more money you have the better as you will be able to buy items and gifts for your members and also level through the more advanced jobs that come up.

Having a mafia wars guide will reveal what properties to buy and what things to invest in like Mafia Mike's bar to make fast cash.

There are so many other things you will learn on how to totally dominate Mafia Wars. Below is a summary of what you will be taught:

  • Amass large amounts of Godfather Points.
  • Annihilate all your friends family's and rival mobs.
  • Be able to recruit lots of members to your family in hours.
  • Make loads of cash without lifting a finger.
  • Complete any job or level in lighting speed.

If you are sick of getting your butt kicked in Mafia Wars then its highly recommended you download a Mafia Wars guide.